ledpatioIts innovative dual system makes Osram LED 2in1 lamp in a reliable and very broad features that give them access to a new concept of led lamp illumination. 

Pressing the light switch have Osram LED 2in1 lamp, you can choose what kind of role do you want the lamp, opting for its energy saving mode, handy for general lighting in large rooms or open spaces in which the lamps remain on for many hours. 

You can also choose to work in LED mode, switching to a night light application that can be used for guidance or marking light. 

These two functions make Osram LED 2in1 lamp a good choice to revamp the lighting in your home or shop. In addition, installation is simple and have the technology to be resistant, while providing a high quality lighting and great savings in energy consumption

Get a Lamp is the best way to acquire Osram LED 2in1 lampWhich are available in the following models: 

Pressing the light switch, you can choose a general illumination and low power consumption during daylight hours and change its function to the LED lamp at night getting a light which will give a new style to their outdoor and indoor environments. 

Globe Duled 
Its design allows it to be used in open fixtures that allow you to see the bulbs, as the rounded shapes and unique style make a very important part of the lighting systemThis model also has the light switch that allows you to select the function or power saving mode LED lamp to create a practical and directional lighting

RGB Duled Globe
In this model Osram LED 2in1 lamp is achieved perfect combination of traditional white light lamp and the possibility of applying the color mode that allows stress environments and objects with different colors including red, green, blue. Not to mention you can also opt for the automatic change of color. The 5 modes of operation of the LED lamp can be switched easily from your light switch.