The leds PHILIPS Novallure have been designed with the aim of establishing a new concept for interior decoration light, presented in the form of transparent candle PHILIPS model Novallure 2W E14 B35 230V CL 2700K ideal for mounting in sconces, chandeliers and lamps with E14 support.


In addition to its stylish design, the project PHILIPS Novallure leds light with traits of warmth and warm glow that makes them used to create the most comfortable and intimate atmosphere, as the model 2700K PHILIPS Novallure 2W 230V P45 FR E14 stylized forms and beautiful are highlighting on or off.


In Get a Lamp , also available PHILIPS Novallure D model 3W E27 230V P45 CL 2700K specially designed to be mounted lamps and wall sconces will allow you to add a touch of comfort to its facilities by hotels, shops or any room in your home.


This model 2700K PHILIPS Novallure 2W 230V P45 FR E14 is available in your version of white light, ideal for enhancing floor lamps or table, providing a bright metallic luster that stands out in a stylish furniture


Importantly led lamps PHILIPS Novallure , equipped with the latest energy saving technology in radically reducing the cost of maintenance and installation.


The entire family of led lamps PHILIPS Novallure can be purchased at Get a Lamp, which offers all the models according to their need and type of use you want to give.