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Special Lamps - BLV

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Crafted to meet specific needs of the highest quality and safety. Special lamps have applications that cover a wide field ranging from radiant heat in the industry, medical, beauty, veterinary medicine, chemical industry to use in forence medicine, archeology, and mineralogy. Among many models are the following: Blv Led, Blv Par16, Sylvania T5 Germicidal, Philips Tl Actinic, Osram Dulux S Bl Uva, Osram Dulux S Blue, Osram Hns, Megaman Mm, Philips Pl-S Uva Black Light Blue, Osram Dulux S, Osram Sig, Blv Eurostar Titan, Blv Ultralife, Blv Powersaver, Blv Whitestar, Sylvania Fhe, Osram Hci-E/P, Blv C-Hit, Blv Hit, Philips Ir150rh, Osram Sicca, Osram Itt, Philips Xop. Dispnibles in powers from 5W to 3000W with bases E27, E40, G12, G13, General, GU5.3, GU4, GU10 and R7S.
Lamparas y Bombillas BLV