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LED Bulbs - G53

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In our online shop Getalamp.com, you will find the widest catalog of the most innovative G53 LED bulbs of the market, always with the warranty of the best brands, such as Philips, Osram, General Electric and Sylvania.
Start saving in your facilities with the G53 LED bulbs at the best price and buy directly online in our shop in a quick, simple and sure way.

G53 LED BULBS: Characteristics

G53 LED bulbs are the ideal replacement for the halogen and traditional lamps with a base G53, which allows a direct substitution of the old ones for the new ones with LED technology.
This base has a recognizable base: two connection pins separated by 53mm (hence the terminology G53).
Thanks to it, the saving that you will obtain doubles: you save in installation and maintenance and also in energy waste; since these new G53 LED bulbs reduce the consumption up to 80 %, compared to the traditional lights.

The most relevant characteristics of the G53 LED bulbs are:

- Base G53 of two pins separated by 53 mm.
- Energetic classification A.
- Saving of energy up to 80 %, compared to the traditional lights.
- A longer lifespan of up to 25 times longer than traditional lights.
- Reflector of 111 mm of diameter integrated to the lamp (AR111)
- Small thermal spread.
- Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 80-89 Ra.
- Beam angle between 24 and 40 degrees.
- Robust and simple design elaborated with resistant materials, perfect to fit in all kinds of decorations
- A regulation possibility.

G53 LED BULBS: Application areas

The use of halogen lamps has always been associated with a business that needs a high quality of the light, and that could assume the high costs that it represents.

Thanks to the new G53 LED bulbs these expenses are going to diminish enormously in places in which the lights are on during very long periods of time, such as art galleries, museums, rooms of exhibitions and shops of all kinds.

Specially designed to provide a high quality of light but without wasting calorific energy as its predecessors.
With its predecessors, it shares the need to use a transformer of 12V, but you can use the one you use nowadays, as the new G53 LED bulbs support it without problems.

G53 LED BULBS: Chooses the one that you need

When you have to incorporate G53 LED bulbs into the lighting of your business, you might have in mind some factors to choose the most adapted for your needs. In this way, you will manage to optimize to the maximum the technical characteristics of the LED technology, which is going to provide energy efficiency and high-quality in your projects:
- Power: The power of the G53 LED bulbs is a fifth part of the traditional halogens, that means that to substitute a halogen of 50 W you will need a G53 LED bulbs 10W.
- Color temperature: According to your specific lighting needs, you will be able to choose between 2700K (soft white), 3000K (warm white) and 4000K (cold white).
- Beam angle: You can choose a major or minor angle according to your needs. For the zones that you need a concentrated lighting you can choose a closed angle of 24 or 25 degrees, and for zones with more general lighting you can choose an angle of 40 degrees.

The most sold G53 LED bulbs in getalamp.com

The lamps of this category the most sold in our online shop are those of the main manufacturers, which gives reliability, warranty and quality of the lighting for all your professional projects.