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LED Bulbs - G5.3

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The GU5.3 / MR16 LED lamps you need for your professional lighting projects are in the best price of the Internet at getalamp.co.uk.
We work with the best lighting international companies, for it, in our catalog, you will find Philips bulbs, LED lamps Osram Sylvania and everything you need for an efficient and quality lighting.

GU5.3 / MR16 LED LAMPS: Characteristics

GU5.3 / MR16 LED LAMPS are those that have a GU5.3 base (which indicates that the separation between the two pin insertion of the lamp there is 5.5mm).
The base of the LED lamps is equal to the traditional incandescent lamps; so the replacement is done directly, which means significant savings regarding maintenance and replacement costs. It is easy and immediate, which will benefit concerning optimization and savings in your bill installation costs.

GU5.3 / MR16 LED LAMPS: Features

If you have to replace an old halogen lamp change to LED with MR16 GU5.3 LED lamps which can make you save a lot on energy costs while you keep or even improve the quality of light.
The pins of the GU5.3 base has a separation of 5.3 mm, and MR16 indicates the format of the base, which is 50mm diameter.
Principal features of GU5.3 / MR16 LED LAMPS:
- Direct replacement of halogen ancient base GU5.3.
- A lifespan between 20,000 to 40,000 hours, more than traditional ones.
- Quality color reproduction. You can choose from 80-89 Ra or 90-100Ra
- Excellent quality light, warm temperature, and pleasant color.
- Most common applications: homes, shops, reception areas in hotels, halls, stairs and passageways in office buildings.
- Intensity regulation. Depending on the model this is possible.
- These LED lamps operate at 12V, so they need a power transformer, but you can use the same transformer from the halogen lamps.

Advantages of GU5.3 / MR16 LED LAMPS

If you choose this type of LED lamps, you will enjoy several advantages:
- Saving of energy up to 80 %, compared to the traditional lights.
- A longer lifespan, 25 times longer than traditional lights.
- Reduction of maintenance and installation costs (direct replacement).
- Recovery of the investment in a year and a half.
- The LED lighting makes its products without toxic components like mercury, which makes them more ecologically sustainable than its predecessors.

What should I take in consideration before buying GU5.3 / MR16 LED LAMPS?

The main elements that we need to pay attention to when we want to replace a halogen or incandescent lamp for LED technology, quick and easy change by working with the same GU5.3, are: