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Luminaires - Spotlights / Track Mounted LED Fitting

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What are the Spotlights LED?

LED Spotlights are a type of luminaire whose light concentrates on a single point, thus preventing light from spreading throughout the rest of the room. Generally, the LED Spots -also known as Track Mounted LED- are wrapped in a reflector that allows to avoid the dispersion of light and to focus it in the desired area, achieving a very characteristic illumination.

The LED Spots, also known as LED Track Light or LED Track Light, have an elegant design that makes them perfect for shops, shop windows, museums and homes, among others.

Spot LED Philips and Ledvance (Osram)

At Get a Lamp, we have LED track lights from the main manufacturers on the market, such as Philips and Ledvance (Osram), whose useful life reaches up to 50000 h.

Best-selling LED Spots families are as follows:

  • Spots LED Philips

    • Philips CoreLine Proyector

    • Philips GreenSpace

  • Spots LED Ledvance (Osram)

    • Ledvance Spots Led 

Color rendering index (CRI)

The color rendering index (CRI) is the measure that allows defining the ability to display the colors of an object in a "real" way. This index is measured with a scale from 0 to 100; the higher the number in the IRC, the better the color reproduction.

Well, LED track lamps are characterized by having a high IRC that allow a faithful reproduction of the colors of the objects.

In order to know the IRC of each LED Spots, you can consult the technical information that appears in the product file. As shown in the image:

Spots LED 1

LED Track lights for all color temperatures

At Getalamp.co.uk we have LED track lights with different color temperatures that allow us to adapt to the environment we want to create.

  • LED Spots with Warm Light (3000K)
  • LED Spots with Cold Neutral White Light (4000K)
  • LED Spots with Cold Light or Daylight (6000K)

To find these options, you can simply use the "Color Temperature (K)" filter on the left.

Spots LED 2

Dimmable LED Spots

At Get a Lamp we have dimmable and non-dimmable LED Spots. The dimmable LED Spots are equipped with a dimmer to set the desired amount of light. This option saves energy, since the light power is lower. At Get a Lamp, we have both options:

  • Dimmable LED Spots
  • Non-dimmable LED Spots

To find both options, you can simply use the "Dimmable" filter on the left side.

Do you have any more questions?

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